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        Prior to the meeting, I send out a few forms to learn about your family, your children and what you are looking for. There are many consultants out there to choose from. What sets me apart is my experience, and that I get to know you and what will be best for your family. This initial rate includes 2 hours of preparation time for me to review these forms and start to discover the type of homeschooling that will best fit your family. I research the laws and regulations for where you live.  

       Then we will meet for a one-hour in-person/virtual time to review the results and allow you to ask questions to find the best solutions. During this time, We will review the laws/procedures to home-school in your state, help you determine the top needs of your family, and address any areas of concern that you may have. We will also discuss the type of home-school methods, curriculum ideas, learning styles of your children as well as suggestions for moving forward.

       I will send a follow-up email with an overview of what we discussed, copies of the charts and info I shared, and links for further research.

If you decide you would like additional help to come up with a detailed plan for each child including links to order your materials we can meet for follow-up consultations. I can come alongside you for help and support, see Homeschool Mentorship Service for more details.

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        Once we have had an initial consultation if you need or want more support I am here to help. I can help you develop a personalized education plan for each of your children. Put together the links, orders, and other resources that you will need so I can walk you through the process one step at a time. I will set you up to succeed. If something needs to be changed let me know, we will work together so that you achieve the results you are looking for. This covers the one hour in person/virtual plus the research before and after.

        We can meet for accountability throughout the year, as things come up you can reach out so we can discuss and resolve to support your needs.

        If your students need additional support let me know. I am here to support your family, including your values and goals.

Teacher and Student


My son Isaiah is a very knowledgeable math tutor. He has been tutoring for seven years. Teaching is his passion he loves to see the spark of understanding when students get it. He is very patient and able to simplify things or change the approach until his students understand. Here is a message from him about his tutoring.

"I have tutored students from 3rd grade math up to calculus, and I impart clever methods to help students better understand the reasoning behind the answers. I demonstrate how to break the question down into more manageable steps. The first step is to see where they are and where their struggles lie. Then to determine how to best help them get to where they need to go.


I offer both online and in-person tutoring, taking advantage of online and physical resources to aid further understanding."

Learn to Read


This is another service my son Isaiah offers. He is a wonderful writer currently working on a novel. He is also sought after to judge writing contests. Teaching in all forms comes naturally to him. He can help you to keep your children accountable and assist them in their studies.

"I am here to offer additional support to your students in their subjects. I can help with scheduling their subjects and understanding what they need to do in each subject. I am very strong in Math, Science, and English. I look forward to coming alongside your family and helping your students succeed."

Want to learn more about our services? Get in touch today and see what I can offer you.

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